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Career Development


RIC offers career development programs that focus on providing meaningful work experience and helping youth develop skills that are relevant and valuable to employers. RIC provides ongoing support for youth’s guardian(s) and school to stay on track towards graduation and achieving graduation standards. 


Young people in today's schools will be the next generation of leaders in the workplace, in our communities and in their families. Because genuine leadership opportunities support transition into adulthood, RIC's leadership development model helps program participants foster the skills and character to be responsible citizens and promote social and emotional well-being.


Leadership Development


Pre-ETS workshops serving transition-age students (ages 13-21) with disabilities, to include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),

in preparing for employment, leadership, and life skills training that focuses on independence. Key areas RIC explores with students are:




These areas are explored as potential career paths for students who dare to utilize creative skills for employment options. Primary service areas are Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties. 

Requirements for Pre-ETS:

13-21 years of age

Must be attending school




Community-based learning activities are designed to encourage involvement and attachment to the community to emphasize citizenship and responsibility using the following techniques—service learning projects, volunteerism, fundraising, job shadowing, etc. Youth will participate in workshops, various team-building exercises, interaction with community leaders, and community service projects,


Service Learning

RIC affirms that physical activity promotes positive mental health, builds strong bones and muscles, and reduces the likelihood of developing obesity and risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases. Physical activity also affects a child's academic achievement. It helps to improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior.


Fitness & Nutrition

 RIC offers therapeutic assistance in the form of group counseling sessions to those youth that are involved in the program. . With stigmas and judgments, therapy is frowned upon by some cultures. RIC seeks to dispel myths and provide the necessary therapeutic assistance . RIC counselors encourage youth to talk about any personal problems they are experiencing and provide strategies to help

them begin to overcome their challenges.


Group Counseling


What children have to say...

"I would like to thank you for coming to this school for us and for teaching us about responsibility and walking our own path and not being a follower. I also want to thank you for showing us that you can use you're good at to make a living out of. And I know now that if I really want something I have to work for it."

6th grader

"I look up to you. I want to be like you! I want to be in a movie and act. I love acting. Thank you so much for coming today! What we were talking about today made me want to follow my dreams and do what I'm good at. Thank you. I will always remember you."

5th grader

"You've motivated me to pursue my "out of this world" dreams. You also motivated me to be a happier person because I've always been kind of bitter, angry, and unhappy for a long time due to personal issues. But hearing your story makes me want to change and become a more positive person. Muchas Gracias!"

7th grader

Please call us for more information.

 (843) 647-5054

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